Specialty Drinks


Melaza Signature Cocktails


Mojito Fresco 8.50
DonQ Cristal rum, muddled fresh mint, fresh crushed sugar cane, freshly squeezed lime juice & a splash of club soda
(Virgin Mojitos available) Our classic mojito, topped with your choice of our all natural fruit nectars Strawberry, Guava or Mango  
(add .50)
Piña Colada ~ 8.50
Just like in the Caribbean! Made with crème de coco, pineapple juice & DonQ Cristal rum-Blended or shaken on the rocks (Virgin Piña Colada available)
Melaza Punch ~ 10.00
Our signature cocktail; made with DonQ Cristal and Coco rums, pineapple juice, all natural mango and guava purees, shaken and finished with a Myers’s Dark Rum float
Cuba Libre ~ 8.00
Bacardi silver rum, coke and fresh lime. (Enjoy premium rums for an extracharge)
Guavatini ~ 10.00
DonQ Cristal Rum, guava puree, chilled & served straight-up. Also try with vodka. (Variety of premium vodkas is available for an extracharge)
Mangorita ~ 9.00   
House tequila, mango puree, fresh squeezed lime juice & Triple Sec-shaken & served on the rocks or straight-up. (Variety of premium tequila is available for an extra charge)
Dark & Stormy ~ 8.50
A classic! Gosling’s Black Seal Rum & ginger beer, served on ice with a lime wedge
Mai Tai ~ 9.00
DonQ Cristal, lime juice, grenadine, apricot brandy and orange juice with a Meyers’s Dark Rum float


Aged Sipping Rums

Zacapa ~ Guatemala, 23 years aged ~ 14.00
Zacapa’s rum is aged in a warehouse 8,000 feet above sea level where the temperature is about 62 degrees year around. Master Distiller Lorena Vasquez calls the facility the “house above the clouds.” While most rum is made with molasses, Zacapa is produced from fresh crushed sugarcane.
Ron del Barrilito~ Puerto Rico ~ 6 years aged (3 stars) ~ 12
An impeccable blend of rums aged between 6 and 10 years in vintage american white oak sherry barrels. It's a wonderful sipping rum best enjoy neat. Maybe splash of water or on the rocks. 
Rhum Babancourt~ Haiti, 8 years aged ~ 10.00
The nose is perfume and complex with candied citrus fruits and roasted, tannic flavor. The Palade is powerful with a great aromatic finishes. Almost explosive with cooked pears, citrus fruit, cinnamon, and pepper. The finish is long, with returned of citrus fruits and spices.
Flor de Caña~Nicaragua ~ 7 years  aged ~ 10.00
Flor de cañaused molasses made from estate-grown sugar cane. The rum is distilled five times and then aged in American white oak casks.